iPosture Companion Free

gloss_icon_reflectionIf your goals are…

•    to look leaner and taller

•    to remain young and healthy

•    to improve your confidence and poise

            …this applications is for you!

The iPosture Companion free application is designed as an instructional aid for owners of the iPosture monitor or anybody that would like to improve their posture. 

Your posture is the first thing other people notice; it’s your calling card. Even the best-dressed person can’t look like a winner when slouching. We want to help you improve your looks and your health, while increasing your confidence and self-assurance. This is the only fitness program you’ll ever need, developed by physicians who understand the importance of good posture and the role it plays in keeping you healthy. Good Luck!

Features include:

•    selected exercises and routines

•    information about health and posture

•    links to where you can find additional information

•    your own personal posture trainer that goes where you go

Click here to get the application.

If you want more help improving your posture, click here to learn about the iPosture monitor.

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